From the lowest to the highest stake – no limit and pot limit tables, at the Platinum Casino Poker Club you will find a variety of games every day of the week.

Texas Hold’em and Omaha are our favourite games at the Platinum Poker Club. You would like to play just for fun and put in a small amount of money, or you want real action and adrenaline?

From the lowest to the highest stake – no limit tables, amongst the different types of poker played at Platinum casino, you will definitely find your place here. Tableside food and beverage service is also available for your comfort and pleasure.

Poker Club Rules

» The table limits will be posted in regards to the relevant game
» Cash does not play in the pot
» Chips and cash may not be transferred between players
» Players may not enter the game on the “button” (as dealer) or on the small blind
» Only English or Romanian may be spoken during play
» Player may make additional buy ins between hands
» Only players may be seated at the table
» If a player leaves the game for two rounds of play (the button passed round the table twice) their seat at the table is forfeited and their chips will be removed from the table and secured in the casino cage. No deduction will be made for missed blinds.
» A player who excuses himself from the table must put up the missed blind bet(s) to re-enter the game providing the button has passed them, if they do not wish to do that they must wait for the button to pass them once again.
» The excess of a indivisible split pot will go to the first winning player seated to the left of the button
» Any player who goes “All In” is required to put every chip he has into the pot
» Players are responsible for the safekeeping of their cards
» Any player wishing to leave the game while winning must give 1 hour notice to the table, supervisor so he can ensure all participants are aware.
» Show one, show all